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Most doctors, while managing their practice tend to diversify their focus into administration, which can take a toll on treating patients. Bookkeeping is one of the specialized tasks that comes under practice administration.

We at Corient completely understand the challenges of committing several mistakes while doing their own bookkeeping, which include adding wrong records, lack of accounting knowledge, not being able to differentiate between cash flow and profit, wrong allocation of remuneration between doctors, etc.

Our tailored services are administered by a group of accountants well-versed in serving doctors and medical practitioners clients. For accountants specializing in this sector, we offer a range of services, all of which can be individually contracted or combined into a customized package to suit your specific requirements: freeing you to focus on the growth of your business.




Our services related to accounting for doctors and medical practitioners include a team serving both dedicated accountants for doctors and medical practitioners and accounting firms serving several doctors and medical practitioners as clients. We provide an extensive range of services, from bookkeeping to management accounts, and from tax services to payroll management.

We have everything you need to address, right from a shortage of staff to expanding your business, boosting your revenue, and concentrating on your preferred work. You can begin with one of our core services and incorporate additional services to reduce any capacity constraints. Customize your solution that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

Our services includes

Software Skills

As the trusted choice for service providers for accountancy practices, we have experience with all major accounting, tax, and payroll software. If your software isn’t on the list, rest assured that our accounting team can seamlessly adapt to your preferred software

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