• “We have been dealing with team @Corient for several years. By outsourcing the work to Corient, we have been able to spend more time with our clients which has resulted in increased satisfaction and improved new business referrals as well. We no longer get worried when a new client walks in or there are deadlines to be met…… “

    Partner-Accounting Practice, Leicester

  • “When we first started working with Corient, we were only looking to outsource the “overflow” accounts preparation work and were bit sceptical about the quality of work. I was pleasantly surprised to see the good quality work which they have been able to deliver on time. Corientnow help us on the book-keeping side of the business as well on a regular basis and in effect work as an extended arm of our practice and the relationship is similar as working with our own team members in UK Office…”


    Partner of Accounting Practice in Sutton
  • “I was looking for a service provider who could take on the book-keeping work on Xero software which was taking quite a lot of my time. The Senior Member from Corient visited the office, understood all my requirements and came back with the detailed proposal which covered all my concerns and deliverables. Corient has been consistently providing a very high standard of work within agreed time scales. I now feel far more confident that I am able to increase my business with Corient as my outsourcing partner. “

    Tony J

    Accountant in Watford
  • “Our practice had grown considerably over the last 12 months and the increase in workload was putting strain on the team. In the past I had had several discussions and trials with outsourcing providers but had never been completely satisfied with the arrangement. When I first met with Punit I was immediately struck by his enthusiasm and professionalism and I am delighted to say that this has been backed up by the excellent service levels of Corient’s payroll and accounts production teams. We have been working with Corient now for four months, work is turned around very quickly and accurately and most importantly the communications from the whole team are excellent. Queries or missing information are quickly notified to us making the whole process from start to finish very efficient. My only regret is that we didn’t start using Corient earlier and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other firms.”


    Chartered Accountancy practice in Kent
  • “I am just dropping you a line to say thank you for your help and support in 2017. We certainly have had our challenges in the last year but, with your help, we have managed to deliver to the clients which is of paramount importance.”


    Birmingham based Practice
  • “We began working with Corient in 2016 and were immediately impressed with the efficiency and professionalism with which we were inducted into the company. Corient were very accommodating and our offshore team were very quick to pick up the tasks that we were asking them to perform for us. We held weekly web meetings with the team and found this a great way to discuss any issues or areas of new work, we used various Google Docs to collaborate and the team completed monthly Xero workpapers for us so we were always on top of the bookkeeping work. In November 2017 I lost a key client manager and decided to test the offshore solution further. Until this point we had been using bookkeepers and supervising the work from the UK with onshore client managers. Knowing that I couldn’t handle the workload on my own I decided to recruit through Corient for a qualified accountant to join the team. I created further collaboration docs and detailed processes covering the work that we had been doing in the UK and the team picked it up brilliantly! They were always on top of the work. I also created a shared mailbox and our clients began submitting any docs not sent in via Receipt Bank into that mailbox, this mailbox was managed by the Corient team and they began to communicate on our behalf with the clients regarding missing information for the bookkeeping tasks. I sold the business in March 2018, however there was no way I could have held it together to do that without Corient – I was as sad to say goodbye to them as I was to my onshore team!”

    Jane A

    MICB PM.Dip, Managing Director
  • “We have been using Corient since 2016 after a very successful trial period. Since the trial period we have now contracted out the Accounts Production part of all our Sole Traders & Partnerships out to Corient. The quality of the working papers is excellent, not only facilitating a very easy client review/final journals posting mechanism, but also producing a Final TB that can be imported directly into IRIS. This has allowed my practice to offer better service and shorter Accounts Production turnaround times. “


    Practice based in Cambridgeshire
  • “We have been working with the extended team at Corient since 2015. In the lead up to our formal relationship with them we carried out a significant amount of due diligence, which included a site visit to their office in Mumbai. We were delighted with our findings and have been gradually growing our relationship with them since. It is great having their UK presence as this gives us peace of mind as well as accountability of service. The type of work Corient carry out for us is varied, from payroll and bookkeeping to fully outsourced services for clients. We have also used their services for some data cleansing assignments. The Governance and knowledge-sharing system we have as part of the relationship is key and we are regularly in two way communication to ensure we, and our clients, are well serviced. In our continual drive to improve efficiencies, working with Corient has enabled us to offer some basic services to clients at a much lower cost base, which not only gives us timely and accurate information, but also the ability to analyse and add value to our clients.”

    Martin A

    South West Based Practice
  • “Corient has been dealing with my books for couple of years and they are hands on and understand the care sector well. The team is professional and approachable. I get to see the Management Accounts on time. Overall I am very impressed with the friendly, reliable and high quality service provided by Corient and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other businesses.”

    Max W

    Director - Homestead Ltd
  • “I have found that working with corient, is like employing your own FD Not only do they care about the business like it’s their own, they have a flexible approach and offer a bespoke design that suits your business model. They can develop ongoing solutions for your business that you trust and depend upon. I would recommend Corient highly if you’re a start-up business or already established. You will find they will bring enhancement to your organisation.”

    Lewis B

    Director - 5 Star Cosmetics Ltd, Leicestershire
  • “The team at Corient are true professionals when it comes to taking care of business bookkeeping services. All of the book-keepers are extremely knowledgeable and well-qualified. Corient took over the affairs from earlier Bookkeepers without much of my involvement at all and brought all 4 of my company’s affairs up-to-date. The team at Corient liaise directly with all of my Centre Managers, who are located in 4 different regions, to resolve queries and ensure efficient and timely submission of payroll and Vat Returns. What also impresses me about Corient is that they take interest in my business and put the need of the customers first. They provide me with Consolidated and Company-wide Management Reporting, which I never had it in the past, and this really helps me to drive the business forward. Further, Corient liaise with my Accountants to resolve all the year-end queries.”

    Nigel B

    Managing Director – DBS Music, Plymouth
  • “Before outsourcing to Corient, we never had clarity on how we were doing financially. As a growing company we were always focussed on building a brand and never got the hang of the financials. Since outsourcing to Corient, they have cleaned up the books, maintained ‘real time’ bookkeeping and managed complex reconciliations between us and our factoring agency. They have exceeded all my expectations and gone beyond working as a bookkeeping agency to acting as a Finance Controller. The detailed analysis they provide enables me to see the effectiveness of our sales strategy in ‘real-time’. They work seamlessly with our headquarter staff, providing information within hours and have saved us significant finance and interest costs. They have also managed enquiries from HMRC independently. All in all they have acted more as partners rather than suppliers.”

    Ali Ehsan

    Managing Director - Boom Boom Cricket, Coventry
  • “Using Corient Business Solutions to manage our accounting function has not only saved us cost but it has also brought tremendous improvements to our accounting process. We now get monthly Management Accounts within days of the month end, with analysis across all cost centres something we never had previously. The ‘Management Dashboards’ give us an up to date snapshot of all the vital information we need to run our business effectively. The team at Corient understand our industry and business needs well. They are very supportive and proactive in delivering what they promise.”

    Chris H

    Care Home Group, Birmingham
  • “Corient take care of all of our outward payments and provide me with monthly Management P&Ls which are accurate and up to date. They also take care of all our payroll, VAT returns and are able to quickly provide asset and liability statements if required. What I find most appealing is that they are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiencies without me even asking. The staffs are always positive and have a “Can-do” attitude which is extremely refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client and am happy to discuss this in person if required.”

    Onkar S

    Director - Eagle Relocations Ltd, Watford
  • “Here at Leisureshopdirect we had an internal book-keeper for many years. As the company had many complexities we decided to move to the outsource company, Corient. Leisureshopdirect was initially part of a larger Ltd company and Corient helped greatly through the transition of removing Leisureshopdirect out into its own Ltd company. Corient have also spent much time and effort on understanding my company in detail and put into place many processes to ensure that the books and management accounts are as accurate as possible. Corient have a very pro-active outlook and it feels like they really want your company to grow and they want to help in any way they can. We work with Corient via a UK based Accountancy firm but I would highly recommend Corient as a solution to your book-keeping requirements.”

    Ben Donovan

    Managing Director - Leisureshopdirect Ltd
  • “We partnered with Corient in 2017 after we realized we needed a full managed service solution for our accounting. When Corient took over our accounts they discovered a few issues with our internal accounting system from previous and looked to rectify this quickly. They were incredibly diligent and ensured a smooth transition at all times. They have always been incredibly service driven and are always there to help when an issue arises. Not only that but they are quick to recommend solutions and external solutions (if needed) to improve our accounting efficiency. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Corient in the future and would not hesitate in recommending their services to any business looking for a new managed service accounting solution.”

    Ben Solomon

    Managing Director - Octavian IT