Making Tax Digital

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Making Tax Digital

What Is Making Tax Digital in the UK

Making Tax Digital or MTD is a HMRC requirement for businesses to digitally maintain tax records and to report tax via software linked to HMRC.
The records held by His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be live and
accurate enabling businesses to understand how much tax they owe just like online banking.

When and Who is Impacted by MTD?

First to be impacted by MTD were small businesses and individuals with turnover above the VAT threshold of 85,000 pounds. They had to keep digital records for VAT purposes since 2019. In short, all VAT-registered businesses have to follow MTD rules for their first return starting from April 2022.

Self-employed businesses and property owners with annual business or property
revenue over 50,000 pounds will have to follow MTD rules starting from 6 April 2026. Similarly it will apply the same for those earning 30,000 pounds but not until April 2027.
For more information, please visit the HMRC website.

How Corient Can Assist You in Becoming Digital

MTD has multiple benefits but you may face certain challenges that can be taken care of by a dedicated accountant from Corient. This way you can also concentrate on growing your firm, while we take care of your MTD needs.

Our staff will help you in selecting the right software which will help you in digitally recording, reviewing, and filing of VAT returns. Moreover, our staff is also certified and trained in QuickBooks and Xero.

What are the Benefits of Going Digital?

One of the biggest benefits of going digital is that now you will be getting real-time status of your financial position. Thanks to digital services, your account will be online and all your records will be backed up automatically. Basically, banks can now send data directly to your digital account on a daily basis. Furthermore, no need to worry about receipts, just click a photo of your receipt and upload it via phone.


Scope Of the Work

You need not hire in-house staff; Corient will provide you with a skilled and dedicated accountant who will help you with your MTD needs. You can focus completely on your other challenging task of acquiring new clients and leading your firm towards growth. We can also help you adapt MTD technology in the following ways

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