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Power BI Consulting & Development Services

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business environment, data is the new currency, and extracting actionable insights from it is paramount for success. Corient, a leading provider of Data Analytics services, stands at the forefront of empowering organizations with the tools and expertise needed to harness the full potential of their data.



Equipping Businesses with Custom Insights

Corient’s Data Analytics solutions are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses seeking to transform raw data into meaningful, strategic insights. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive suite of services.

Strategic Decision-Making
Corient's Data Analytics empowers decision-makers with real-time, actionable insights. By analyzing historical and current data, we enable organizations to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and growth.
Cost Optimization
Our analytics solutions identify cost inefficiencies and highlight areas for optimization. By streamlining processes and resources, businesses can significantly reduce operational costs and improve overall profitability.
Customer Experience Enhancement
Understanding customer behavior is crucial in today's competitive market. Corient's analytics capabilities delve deep into customer data to uncover patterns, preferences, and trends, facilitating the creation of personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty.
Risk Mitigation
With advanced predictive modeling, Corient assists businesses in identifying and mitigating risks proactively. Whether it's predicting market trends, identifying potential fraud, or managing supply chain disruptions, our analytics solutions provide a strategic advantage.
Operational Efficiency
Corient's Data Analytics streamlines operations by optimizing workflows and identifying bottlenecks. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and a more agile business environment.

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Visit Our Sample Dashboards

Finance Dashboard

Monitor key financial metrics like revenue, expenses, profit margins, and cash flow. Track financial performance against targets and identify areas for improvement.

Retail Dashboard

Track inventory levels, analyze sales trends, and identify top-selling products. Gain insights into customer behavior and buying patterns. Optimize marketing campaigns and store layouts based on data.

Insurance Dashboard

Analyze insurance claims data to identify trends, assess risks, and optimize pricing strategies. Monitor customer satisfaction metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Healthcare Dashboard

Track key healthcare metrics like patient admissions, readmission rates, and length of stay. Monitor hospital performance and identify areas for cost reduction. Analyze patient satisfaction data to improve patient care.

Sales Dashboard

Gain insights into sales performance, track key metrics like leads, conversion rates, and sales pipeline. Identify top-performing salespeople and products.

Web Performance Funnel Dashboard

Monitor website traffic, analyze user behavior, and identify conversion rates at different stages of the sales funnel. Diagnose website performance issues and optimize user experience.

Services Offered

Corient’s Data Analytics services are a strategic investment for organizations seeking to thrive in the data-driven era. With a focus on innovation, customization, and tangible outcomes.

Data Collection And Integration

Data Collection And Integration

Corient ensures a robust foundation by collecting and integrating data from various sources, including structured and unstructured data, IoT devices, and external databases.

Data Cleansing And Transformation

Data Cleansing And Transformation

We enhance data quality by cleansing and transforming raw data into a consistent, reliable format, ensuring accurate and meaningful analytics.

Descriptive And Predictive Analytics

Descriptive And Predictive Analytics

Leveraging statistical models and machine learning algorithms, Corient provides descriptive analytics for a comprehensive understanding of historical data and predictive analytics for forecasting future trends.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting

Our interactive and customizable dashboards offer real-time insights, allowing stakeholders to monitor key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions.

Consultancy And Training

Consultancy And Training

Corient goes beyond implementation, providing ongoing consultancy to adapt to evolving business needs. We also offer training programs to empower internal teams with the skills to maximize the value of Data Analytics tools.

Custom Power BI Dashboards For Every Industry

Custom Power BI Dashboards For Every Industry

Business Intelligence Dashboards for Every Industry Finance, Logistics, Ecommerce, BFSI, Hospitality, Retail, Health Care, Sales, Human Resource.


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