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E-Book - Accounting and Bookkeeping

11 things to be assessed before you hire an accountant

The role of Book Keeper is extremely important for any organisation and they play a role of similar to role played by Doctor for health!
A Book Keeper should be the first person to check the Financial

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True cost of hiring a bookkeeper ebook

Small businesses often don’t have an accountant or a bookkeeper. It is the owner or one of the few staffs working for the company doubling up as the accountant or bookkeeper.

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An alternative to hiring a bookkeeper

In the previous ebook book, we gave the true cost of hiring a bookkeeper with a complete break-up. So, what is the alternative to hiring a bookkeeper? Because bookkeeper is an essential part of business

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How to Review Your Financial Status in 5 Minutes?

Today, we want to help you improve your financial situation. Yup, today. If you spend five minutes reading this ebook, it could improve your financial situation

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Small Business Accounting Checklists

Managing your business finances does not have to be key, of course, is to create a realistic plan with a budget, record your transactions correctly, review your results regularly and always keep.

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