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Marketing Tips To Grow Your Accounting Practice

March 3, 2021 | Navin Mishra

The global accounting market is expected to grow from $574.5 billion to $576 billion by 2021, reaching $687.7 billion in 2023. Good marketing practice can help businesses spread brand awareness and expand their services with optimised content, insightful communication, and quality interaction with the target audience. Cultivating best marketing practices will enable accountants and firms to improve their business by maximising the service potential.

Let’s walk through some of the best marketing tips to grow your Accounting practice:

1. Set Up a Social Media Account

One of the best marketing tips for accountants is to increase their social media exposure. Ensure that you have a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for participating in online discussions and forums. While Twitter can be used for networking and attracting new clients, YouTube is an excellent tool that can be used for creating awareness videos. Social media discussions can also be used to promote webinars that can be a great way to highlight your firm’s offerings to potential clients.

2. Newsletter to Your Clients

Another popular marketing tip for growing your accounting practice is by sharing online newsletters by building a targeted subscriber base. Newsletters will help you promote yourself as an expert in the industry via declarations, explanations and public speaking engagements. You can update your clients with important news in their industry, such as compliances and various schemes launched by the government for their awareness. This presents you as a reliable authority in the industry, promoting your brand or services passively.

3. Recommending The Best Software To Clients Through Blogs

Accountants need to build their online presence through blogging to interact with their clients regularly. A blog can be used to talk about the latest accounting software launched in the market. These blogs can be posted on your website, talking about the best accounting tools and technology for the clients. You can also hold free consultations sessions to give client free advice to recommend the best software and your services to benefit their business.

4. Webinars for existing clients and their peers

Webinars are also an essential aspect of marketing that show off the firm’s or accountant’s skills and provide useful information to those interested in their field of expertise. By conducting online discussions and forums, the accountant can build a reputation and credibility while offering new services. These web conferences are also essential to creating a valuable client relationship with existing clients and peers.

5. Quarterly Client Meetings

Online client meetings can be a great way to network and conduct sales for the latest services offered. Setting up client meetings for current and past clients, along with their peers every quarter or biannually builds your reputation as a client-centric firm. It is also important to connect with your clients directly through phone calls and face to face meetings that convey a personal touch to and enhance a client’s satisfaction with your services. You may improve your rapport with your clients, which may also help to increase their loyalty to you.

6. Management Reporting For Larger Clients

You can boost your performance by offering management reporting to your big bookkeeping clients, giving them the financial information they need for making better business decisions. These services are easily offered by simply equipping your system with the latest technology. Corient, for example, can automatically share all the reports with the clients. Through custom management reports and major KPIs from your accounting system, you can improve the client’s business operations, leading to credibility and word of mouth referrals by your satisfied clients.

7. Ask For Referrals

Client satisfaction through quality services and regular interaction will ultimately lead to an increase in your number of referrals. If your past and current clients are happy with your services, they may recommend you to peers and on their networks.

Taking the time to implement these marketing practices and strategies described here may make a big difference to your success by attracting more clients and revenue into your accounting firm. Connect with your clients and spread the word about your company using these smart marketing tactics and watch your results improve!