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10 KPIs to Make Your Business Financially Strong

I keep meeting several Business Owners on regular basis. One of the Business owner was Ted. While there are great things to learn from Ted, I was  frightened when I got below answers on how how he monitors his business? Balance in Bank Account How I am doing on my sales Gross Margin at superficial […]

How to Lower Your Break Even?

We are continuing from our previous blog on how to calculate your Break-Even Point. If you missed it, please read our previous Do you know your Break Even Point?In this blog, I will share with you few ways to reduce your break-even point.  A lower break-even point leads to more profit, more cash and lower the […]

Do you know your Break Even Point?

No matter how great your business model is, you can’t survive if you can’t manage your company’s cash flow. Calculating your break-even point will ensure that your business is profitable based on your costs and your sales.

Do you check the overall health of your business?

What do you do if you had some health issues? You would get a health check-up, including CBC, CT scan, MRI, etc., right? Do you handle your business in the same way as your health?

Your Financial Goals for 2017

UK is a great place to start a business (even though the survival rates are low). More than 50% businesses don’t survive beyond five years. According to the statistics published in 2016 by the Small Business Administration (SBA), 80% SMEs survive for more than a year; whereas another 50% survive at least five years and […]

How to avoid cash flow crunch?

Ask any small-business owner what business challenge he or she faces on a regular basis, and more times than not you will get the answer ‘cash flow’. Managing cash flow is a constant struggle for many business owners, and the success or failure of their business frequently rides on it.

Low cost ideas to make your small business big

Create a website You must have a website that talks about, actually, screams about your product or service offerings. It must clearly speak about the benefit your products or services offer to your potential customers.

Importance of Cloud for SME’s to achieve growth

Of all the developments in information communication technology (ICT) over the past decade, cloud computing has been one of the key gamechangers, offering far-reaching benefits for businesses.